Sadly, Picturetrail Is Closing.

We thank you for being a member but unfortunately we have to close.

We have sent emails to everyone, however some have been blocked by their ISP

Most notably Earthlink and Hotmail

Your account will continue working as-is (without payment if a paid account) unti Feb 28. 2021.

After 02/28/2021 your images will be deleted and all associated URLs will not work.

Please make arrangements to download your images ASAP if you did not save the originals.

To Download Your Images To Your Computer:

 While viewing an image you can always Right click on the image and select Save Image  


Select the image on the left, then hover over the image displayed on the right, Right click on your mouse, and select Save Image As...

 ** If this does not work, please see below

 If the images displayed in your albums are smaller than the originals you uploaded.

You can download the original image by doing the following:

  1. Display the image you want to download
  2. Right click the image and select “Open Image In New Tab”
  3. Go to that tab
  4. In the URL Bar above, edit the url and add in  l-   (lowercase L then a dash) right after the last "/" (slash) in the address bar.

        4A) On older accounts, the original image is not always available.

  1. Then hit <Enter> to load the new URL. This loads the full sized image.
  2. You can then Right Click on that image and select Save As.
  3. Save to someplace handy.
    To backup your images and computer try  


EXAMPLE:  If the URL is like below

Change to: (adding  l- as in large a dash then the imageID.jpg)

For thumbnail version if desired.  (t- as in thumb dash imageID.jpg)

** Some older uploads may not have an l- version

While, unfortunately this may seem tedious, Picturetrail has no other way for you to download your images.  (As all sites do, images uploaded to us are decreased in size somewhat. Please always make sure to keep your own original copy when uploading to any site)

** If you have selected Right Click protection, you will not be able to right click on the images to save them.  You must first disable this feature to save your images.  You can always turn it back on later.

Go here:  and remove the checks from the albums you want to be able to download.

If you need assistance with your account Contact Us


Via a 3rd party company, you can get all your images in a downloadable zip file.

The cost is $15.00 per account depending on size and disk usage.

 Accounts with over 2000 Images or 300Megs space are 20.00.

Accounts with over 3000 Images or 500Megs space are 25.00.

To order your image collection, please send a request via form link below.  

A request for payment will be sent to you via Paypal. After money is received, a link to a downloadable collection will be sent to you within 3 businesses days.