30 x 40 ins - acrylic on canvas. October 16, 2008. Venus negotiating the sun, moon, ocean, doves, fish and, ofcourse, the butterfly. Collection: A. Destounis

Photo Comments
Dear Cheryl, I love this painting. There is so much movement in it with depth and meaning. I humbly congratulate you on the wonderful things you do in your life. I have never studied art and only started painting again a few years ago. God Bless you dear Cheryl.
Aug. 28, 2013  By: Fidelis Hoeberichts-DeCruz
what a beautiful painting.
Nov. 20, 2008  By: nargis
The original alchemist at work!
Oct. 16, 2008  By: Thea
What a powerful statement. I like the fact that we are looking at Venus' back,not at her face. This way, the goddess remains universal. This painting is pure magic. With the swirl of activity in the heavens,the goddess is completely in control, part of (even orchestrating) it all. Oct. 16, 2008
Oct. 16, 2008  By: Andersone
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