24 x 30 ins - interference gold acrylic paint & particles of Goa sand on canvas. Octber 22, 2008. This work started as a challenge from Sapna, who dared me to do an all-white painting. Another friend suggested 3 women. I know how we Indians like to tilt our heads.... so this is what emerged: 3 "tilted" women in variations of white - and vibrantly intelligent Muslim and Hindu McGill students I suddenly recognize... L-R, Saroj, Farzana and Sapna mingling with the doves ..... Collection: Pierette Giroud Gilman, Fort Lauderdale

Photo Comments
I like the painting so much. I like the whole aspect of dependency in the painting. The theme is so dependent on the colours that you chose. The essence of each woman is dependent on the other
Oct. 23, 2008  By: Saroj
honoured. speachless. grateful
Oct. 22, 2008  By: Farzana
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