24x30 ins, acrylic on canvas. September 7, 2008. Purnima/Full Moon (in Sanskrit) is my poetic and colorful evocation of the celebration of women worldwide through dance and music. The PURNIMA dance was originally inspired by the devadasis (courtesans) of early modern South India, signifying love, longing and desire. It evolved into the present Bharatnatyam form. My favourite Goethe quote spirals through the dancers "Rest not; life is sweeping by. Go dare before you die. Something mighty & sublime, leave behind to conquer time".

"Quand Purnima lance la danse des femmes. Les hommes envoutés soufflent sur les flammes. Afin de maintenir les braises des amours, Chauffer les coeurs transis aux tourbillons des jours." - Claude Lacasse, Montréal