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Year 2009 - YES !

DECEMBER 31, 2009: I did it ! Alive and......with 50 paintings completed this year.... not counting all the many sketches or half-completed canvases lying around, which will become fodder for new work in the next decade.

Thank you family, friends and no-longer-strangers for encouraging me with your nods, your words, your smiles, your tears, your praise, your critiques ....and your sharing in 2009.


DECEMBER 28, 2009: The painting "WE REMEMBER - 2009" will be part of a world exhibit for A BOOK ABOUT DEATH - UM LIBRO SOBRE A MORTE exhibit to take place in 2010 at the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Look at No. 63 on their website;

DECEMBER 21, 2009: The painting THE HARVEST (2009) has been accepted by ECONOMICA, the International Museum of Women for publication on their website IMOW.ORG. The website focuses on WOMEN & THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. To read, click on the thumbnail painting of THE HARVEST on the left then doubleclick on the link below it.

DECEMBER 6, 2009: Joined Montreal Council of Women for a Memorial & Eucharist Service at Christchurch Anglican Cathedral to honor the 14 women killed at the Polytechnic 20 years ago. The original painting of WE REMEMBER was displayed on an easel near the MCW banner. SEE RELATED PHOTOS

DECEMBER 2, 2009: Montreal Woman of the Year 2009 award presented to Pearl Eliades for her contribution to human rights issues at the Mt. Stephen Club. See RELATED PHOTOS

DECEMBER 1, 2009: SALVATION ARMY early morning breakfast fundraiser at the Queen E. with Larry Smith speaking. The painting I donated LATIN JAZZ was won by Annie Miaral. See RELATED.

NOVEMBER 29, 2009: Attended informative ELAN workshop at ARTICULE GALLERY with artist Adad Hannah, Curator Lesley Johnstone and artist Jake Moore.

NOVEMBER 20, 2009: Invited to participate (through art, piano and poetry) in the next COME & BE INSPIRED series of McGill's Womens Alumnae.

NOVEMBER 17, 2009: Met Chinese virtuoso pianist LANG LANG through the kind invitation of PIANOS PRESTIGE in the Salon Verte of Place des Arts after he performed with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. All Steinway owners received an invitation. See RELATED PHOTOS.

NOVEMBER 13: Final recording for McGill's HIDDEN GEMS project for CKUT Radio.

NOVEMBER 9, 2009: All day filming for a CBC project called ROOTS. I painted a large self portrait directed by Geeta Nadkarni and shot by Jerome (camera man) and Jean (sound editor). The short film is my story in paint. To see the video, click on the video link in the 2009 album under SELF PORTRAIT WITH GEETA.

NOVEMBER 4, 2009: Invited to become a Member of the Board of the Montreal Children's Library.

NOVEMBER 2, 2009: Early Monday morning return to CBC Radio One Daybreak to comment on the result of the Montreal elections. Host: Nancy Wood.

NOVEMBER 1, 2009: Submitted 2500 words for the CBC Literary Awards in the Creative Non-fiction category. A music story.

OCTOBER 30, 2009: Invited to become a Member of the Board of the Montreal Council of Women as Convenor - Art, Culture and Heritage.

OCTOBER 30, 2009: Interview with Jahnavee Ramakrishnan, Anthropology student at McGill for the HIDDEN GEMS project for CKUT Radio to be broadcast early next year.

OCTOBER 24, 2009: Panelist at La Table Ronde at Le Conseil des Montrealaises. Conference dans le cadre du mois de l'histoire des Femmes de Montreal. Invitation by the Montreal Council of Women. See RELATED PHOTOS

OCTOBER 23, 2009: Welcome to Karen Kane - MONTREAL BY DESIGN - and visiting artists Susan Abbott, Janet MacLeod, Robin LaHue, Sunni Morgan, Sharyle Doherty, writer Liz Stauffer and art lover Sharon Brant to a sharing and discussion on October 23. See RELATED PHOTOS

OCTOBER 23: 7.45 am. CBC Radio One. Joined a panel with Host Nancy Wood on DAYBREAK on our views about the upcoming municipal elections. With me was Sasha Dyck and Jim Olwell. Podcast available. See photos MEDIA.

OCTOBER 17-19, 2009: Guest Speaker at the ZONTA International Conference in Glenns Falls, New York. 30 minutes entitled BRIDGES I HAVE CROSSED. Framed painting of MARCHING FOWARD donated for the Governor's raffle. See RELATED PHOTOS

OCTOBER : Collaboration with the Montreal Children's Library and the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan with art cards for their fundraising.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009: Celebration and Launch of 2010 calendar at SEDE (Social Equity & Diversity) McGill University. Painting chosen for September was THE HARVEST - 2009 with Prof. Vrinda Narain, the researcher.

JULY 1: AVRIL magazine, summer issue publishes an interview with myself and Lea Roboam, Editor, on pages 20 and 21, in French. See MEDIA album.

JUNE 7 - 14, 2009: MY JOURNEY INWARD - An exhibit of 125 paintings held at Oasis de Ville, Montreal. It was initially meant to last one day but since Tarah Schwartz of CTV interviewed me at the exhibit, it was extended until June 14. Interview link under TARAH's painting in this album.

Article by Suzanne Caron following the exhibit can be seen in the MEDIA COVERAGE album.

June 5, 2009: Mike Boone's article in the Montreal Gazette entitled CANCER'S COMEBACK BRINGS URGENCY TO LIFE OF ARTIST-MUSICIAN

MAY 3: Starting today, Boutique d'Art Expression at 1441 Guy, corner de Maisonneuve, have window-dressed their store with 4 of my paintings, all for sale. They also have a series of cards available. Stop by and gawk if you happen to be passing by. The owner Jean-Michel will greet you with his warm smile, guaranteed.

MARCH 23, 2009: Spring is in the air in Montreal, but alas, not on the ground. While the store windows are a cacophany of color and shelves are stripped of anything that reminds us of winter, it was a crisp, windy -11 morning at the St. Patrick's day parade yesterday - albeit enveloped in sunshine and a stunning blue sky that was punctuated with clusters of green balloons drifting aimlessly through the wide expanse. As motorists rush to remove their snow tires, CBC radio offers warnings of unexpected turns in the weather and Newfoundland is buried in 2 feet of snow. The economy has taken a nose-dive, yet tiny pale green shoots are pushing through the burnt umber barks on Rene Levesque Boulevard. A homeless man sits on the ledge at the Salvation Army store on Rue Notre Dame and hums quietly as I play on another piano that has come up for sale. Arms fiercely crossed, he avoids eye-contact and seems determined not to venture any joy on his wrinkled and unshaven face. I change the melody and suddenly...... I see a hint of a smile. SPRING, with all it's complexities, has arrived !!

March 1, 2009: The painting FIVE SISTERS REUNITE - 2006 along with a biography are featured in the coffee-table hard cover art book INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS 2009 (a California publication). Published by Worldwide Art Books.

JAN - FEB, 2009: The new year unfolded gently in Goa, India after a month of energetic travel through north India and later Kerala. I painted almost every day working on site, sometimes out of sketches using my digital camera as a guide. The heat and the colors of Rajasthan, then Kerala, were all-consuming and I couldn't wait to put paint to canvas.

December 25, 2008: Nita Sathyendran from THE HINDU newspaper in Trivandrum interviewed me with her article entitled ARTICULATING ARTISTIC LINES. More on MEDIA COVERAGE album on this site.

January 25, 2009: Cedric Silveira of the NAVHIND TIMES, Goa published ART WITH A PURPOSE highlighting the Montreal Woman of the Year award to Goans.

February 6, 2009: Cordelia Wolfram of the TIMES OF INDIA published PAINTING OUT LIFE on the front page of the Goa Times. See MEDIA COVERAGE.

Feb. 9-11: Malisa of GOA TV 365 talks to me about my art. The piece aired hourly with the local news on Cable Channel 35. January 19-22, 2009: Anil of HCN, the local Goa TV station filmed an interview with me in Candolim .