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Reaching Out for Peace

2004 was marked for me profoundly and indelibly with the death of my mother on May 13.

Earlier in the year, I involved myself in volunteer work, playing the piano, at the West Island Palliative Care Center up the road from me in Kirkland.

In retrospect, I realize that in a strange way, I was preparing myself for that very difficult event. However, I knew nothing about coping with the grief.

Since that date, one of the few works of significance I have been able to produce is REACHING OUT/Atteindre la paix. The painting was made into a card which Rights & Democracy Canada used as their peace card for 2004 sending 1000 to their contacts worldwide in International Human Rights and Democratic Development. I felt honored.

At the back of the card, my message reads:

"I want my art to play a role in lifting people's spirits, in challenging their assumptions, in provoking thought... thus promoting dialogue between peoples towards peace."

While the sadness of losing my mother lingers, it is interspersed with the quiet knowledge that, through this card, I will sensitize humanity in some small way, starting with myself and that I will close 2004 with hope and optimism.

"Je désire que le regard porté sur mon art provoque la réflexion et invite le dialogue des peuples vers la paix."