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I left my marriage early in this decade and moved from Beaconsfield to Kirkland, forced to take on a full-time job in the fabric trade. The trials and tribulations of divorce are well-documented but one is never prepared enough for the anguish that accompanies it, especially when children are involved. (See painting below). "How could you?" was a sentiment that rippled. How could I not? I sought therapy, read not-enough self-help books and took courses to increase my self-esteem, which was at an all-time low.

My paintings became more defined in shape and form - I experimented a lot - the colors on my palette got a little brighter, though not much so. I still painted in oils with many outlines in black. Flowers still appealed - symbols of renewal and continuance - interspersed with portraits and still-life (nature morte literally means making dead objects come alive).

Through art, I was learning to grow and my paintings became mirrors into deep corners and crevices of my self. By the end of the decade, I felt tremors of transformation and was excited about the millenium ahead.