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YEAR 2006 - A Come-Back

In February of 2006, after 3 months of testing a new drug (VELCADE), I was declared in remission.

Still very depressed, I was unable to react to the news. However, the exuberance exploded on to my canvases. The images burst into daring colors and the themes suddenly took on an optimistic turn. . Slowly, my depression gave way to a new sense of hope and light.

By mid-year, I moved from Kirkland to downtown Montreal and realised then how much I had missed city-living. The light, the spectacular sunrises, the warm, exciting bi-cultural aspect of the city, the vitality and pulse of Montreal all injected me with enthusiasm.

I was no longer dying OF cancer. I was living WITH cancer. I would live indeed - and I would live life to the fullest.

By year's end, I travel to India to complete an unfinished task, to return my mother's ashes where they belong, to the land she loved, to the place she had quietly kept alive in the deepest corners of her heart. I believe it is one of the reasons that I had been spared, because now, having accomplished the task, I have been "given permission" to move forward with my life.

Where do I go from here ? Only time will tell. For now, I wish, through my paintings, to let you soar with me - and to leave you with landscapes flooded with sunshine, laughter and hope in this year 2006.