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Compressed vs. non-compressed examples.
Click Here to see a comparison of an image uploaded in compressed mode and non-compressed mode.

Why is compression not recommended if I want to make prints?
Compressing image files may decrease the visual quality for images that are made into prints. Therefore we recommend you select the Non Compressed option in the uploader.

Why is compression recommended for images I upload for online viewing?
Compressing images before uploading them will result in a faster upload without decreasing the quality of the images when viewed online. We recommend you select the Compressed option in the uploader.

What are the effects of compressing an image?
The file size of an image taken with a digital camera is generally fairly large. Therefore it can be compressed and still preserve a visual quality more than adequate for online viewing. This reduced file size allows for faster uploads and the difference in quality when viewing the image online is generally not perceptible.

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