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Eval vs. Premium mode.
After you download and install the Photo Editor, you can use it for free in Eval mode. If you upgrade to Premium mode for 19.95, certain enhanced features will become available.

How to obtain an upgrade code.
Once you pay for an upgrade to the Premium mode, a unique upgrade code will be provided online and sent to you in a confirmation email. To pay for an upgrade, click on the Options tab within the Photo Editor, then select "Purchase."

Program errors.
If the application produces a program error, we recommend you uninstall and then re-install it again. To uninstall the application:
  • Click on the Start button on your desktop screen
  • Click "Settings"
  • Select Control Panel
  • Select "Add/remove programs"
  • Scroll down to "Photo Editor" and click "Uninstall"
To download and install the application again, go to:
If the download prompts you to overwrite the existing file, choose YES.
Then install the program.


Why can't I edit gif images?
The Photo Editor currently supports jpg images only. Images with ".gif" file extensions and other formats will be supported in the next application version.

How to remove a folder from the Recent Folders area.

Right click the folder label in the Recent Folders pane with your mouse and select "Delete Folder."

How to use the crop tool.

Once you select an area of the image with the cropping tool, double click inside the area to crop. You can undo the crop by clicking the Undo button along the top of the page.


How much faster will my uploads go by using the Uploader function?

Dialup users will see the greatest upload speed improvement, as much as 300% improvement depending on the size of the photos to be uploaded. Users with DSL and Cable will experience 50% to as much as 200% improvement depending on the size of the photos to be uploaded.

How many files can I upload at a time?

Premium members can upload up to 100 image files or a total of 20Mb (whichever limit is reached first) per upload session. Non-premium members are limited to 12 image files or 2Mb per upload session.

How large a file can I upload?
The Uploader function allows a maximum of 4.4Mb per file for Premium members and 2Mb for non-premium members.

Problems with uploading files.
If you have trouble uploading files consistently, make sure the files reside on your hard drive. The Uploader does not support uploading files directly from a memory card reader, CD drive, floppy drive or any other storage device; your images must be on your computer hard disk. The hard disk drive is usually labeled as the C: drive.

Compressed vs. non-compressed uploads.
Refer to the following page regarding this topic:

90 second time-out error during uploads.

This will occur for one of two reasons:
1) You may not be connected to the internet. If you're using a dialup, you will need to dial out first.
2) Your computer may be behind a firewall. This problem may be encountered especially if you're trying to upload pics at the office. Many companies use a firewall to limit and control the kind of connections made by employees to the internet. Most companies will not allow applications that are not well known to them to get past their firewall. However for those that allow special apps to go through, we will provide firewall support in the next version. For now you will have to use the pic uploader from home where you most probably don't have a firewall.

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