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How does sharing pictures work with PictureTrail?
After you register for a free account, log into the members area and do the following:

  • Click on the Upload Pics link. This will take you to the Upload Pics page.

  • On the Upload Pics page you will be prompted to select photo image files from your computer to upload to your PictureTrail account.

  • After selecting the the image files you want to have uploaded, click on the Upload Pics Now button. This will transfer the image files from your computer to your PictureTrail account.

  • Once the image transfer is complete, click on the Picture Inbox link. This will allow you to view the image files you just uploaded to your account and enable you to move the uploaded files from the Inbox to the albums of your choice within your account.

  • Once the photo images have been moved to your albums, your friends and family will be able to view them at the following web address:

    How do I get my photos onto my computer?
    You must first scan your photos onto your computer disk using a scanner, or transfer pics from your digital camera to your computer.

    Can I post images from account to auction sites like Ebay and Yahoo auctions? And how about posting to other websites like message boards as well?
    You can post images from your PictureTrail account to any website including auction sites like Ebay as well as to other sites like online message boards and web journals, etc. In the members area we provide a convenient page called "Image URLs". This page lists each photo with the URL of that photo next to it. Copy and paste the URLs to the website you want to post images to. The images will then automatically show up on the other website.

    Many PictureTrail members conveniently group their product photos into albums depending on product type. This makes PictureTrail an ideal way to manage product photos used to post on Ebay and other sites on an ongoing basis.

    Can I order prints from my albums? How much will it cost?
    Yes, while viewing the photos in your albums, you will see a Make Prints button above each image. While most sites charge 49 cents for a 4x6 print, it will cost you only 29 cents on PictureTrail. And there's no minimum purchase required. Order one or order a hundred prints, the price is the same: 29 cents per print. These are printed on standard photographic paper like you get at your corner drugstore for your 35mm based prints using the standard silver hallide process.

    Go to Complete Pricing for additional pricing info.

    How large should my images be to convert to prints?
    A digital image is measured in terms of the number of dots (or pixels). For example, a 640 x 480 resolution image has 640 pixels in width and 480 pixels in height.

    In order to produce a reasonable quality print from a digital image, it must meet certain minimum resolution requirements. Print quality will also depend on the quality of the image itself and the level of file compression the image has been through. Below are the minimum image dimensions (in pixels) that will generally yield print quality adequate for casual viewing.

    High Quality Prints
    Images that meet the dimensions below yield high quality prints comparable to 35mm prints.
    Print Size Minimum Image Size Typical Image File Size
    4pk Wallet (3 x 2) 640w x 480h pixels 67 K
    3 x 5 print 900w x 630h pixels 106 K
    4 x 6 print 1000w x 720h pixels 135 K
    5 x 7 print 1260w x 900h pixels 206 K
    8 x 10 print 1500w x1200h pixels 288 K
    12 x 18 print 3240w x 2160h pixels 1.5 M

    What's the cropping function all about when ordering prints?
    Most print orders are for the 4x6 or 5x7 print size. However most digital images will not reduce to exactly a 4x6 or 5x7 dimension. For example, a 480h x 640w pixel image would reduce to a 4.5 x 6 dimension. In order to fit this on a 4x6 print, some cropping on the height of the image would be necessary. If you opt for the cropping option (default setting) the cropping will be done automatically. You will lose a quarter of an inch of the original image at the top and bottom of the print in this example. If you opt for no cropping you will end up with a print that has white bands on the left and right of the print. Most people go for the cropping option.

    How to Copy and Paste URLs
    In order to copy the photo URL, highlight the URL text with your mouse cursor, then press CTRL-C on your keyboard. Then go the EBay/Yahoo Sell Your Item page and press CTRL-V on your keyboard to paste it in Picture URL box there.

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